Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recital Time

It's almost recital time! Yay! You need a little last-minute information. We hope by now you know how to do your hair and makeup (if not, contact your teacher), but we just wanted to make sure everyone remembered about the dress rehearsal on Friday.

Dress Rehearsal for the lower school starts at 5:00 and goes to 6:30. Please have your student wear their recital costume so that we can check lighting, but it is not necessary for them to do hair and makeup. When your student's number(s) is finished, they are excused from the rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal for the upper school starts at 6:30 and goes until about 9:00. Same information applies to them.

Please remember to show up half an hour early for the recital on Saturday. The lower school recital starts at 5:00 and dancers need to arrive in their costumes with hair and makeup done by 4:30.

Dancers in the upper school need to be there by 6:30 for their 7:00 performance. Also, remind your family and friends to park in the back parking lot and enter from the rear of the building to avoid the construction going on at Bingham High School.

Since many students have more than one class, we are giving you the recital order so you know which costume comes first. Also, just one last reminder about Performance fees, costumes fees, and dance accounts. Please have your account settled with Angela by Friday, June 15.

 Lower School Spring Recital 2012

1. Pre Ballet A                  Brenda
2. Creative A4                   Jourdan
3. Jazz 1                          Amanda
4. Creative A2                   KT
5. Creative B4                   Angela
6. Tap 1                            Angela
7. Creative B3                   Brenda
8. Beginning Hip Hop         Kara
9. Creative A3                   Stacey
10. Tap 2                          Kara
11. Creative B1                 Angela
12. Creative A7                 Brenda
13. Primary A                   Sarah-Ashley
14. Creative A1                 Angela
15. Primary B                   Jourdan
16. Creative A6                 Brenda
17. Jazz 2                        Stacey
18. Ashley Vickers Solo
19. Tap 1                          Brenda
20. Creative B2                 Kara
21. Jazz 3                        KT
22. Pre Ballet B                Amber

Upper School Spring Recital 2012
1. Company Ballet 1 Pointe      Angela
2. Ballet Level 1                       Anna
3. Ballet Level 2                       Angela
4. Ballet Level 5 Pointe            Angela       
5. Boys                                  Troy
6. Teen Ballet                          Brenda
7. Elite                                   Kati
8. Jazz 4                                Amanda
9. Ballet Level 6                      Angela
10. Hip Hop 2                         KT
11. Level 4                             Sarah-Ashley
12. Ballet Level 6    Pointe      Jourdan
13. Ballet Company 2             Anna
14. Jr. Company Runaway      Stacey
15. Hip Hop 1                        Kara
16. Jazz Company 2              Kati
17. Ballet Level 5                   Sarah-Ashley
18. Jazz Company 1              Stacey
19. Tap 4                              Angela
20. Jazz 5                            Kati
21. Jazz 3                            KT
22. Ballet Level 3                  Anna
23. Paper Doll                      Stacey
24. Ballet Level 1                  Angela
25. Ballet Level 2                  Angela               
26. Company Ballet 1           Anna
27. Tap 3                             Angela
28. Company Ballet 2 Pointe Angela